Health Alliance Program

When it comes to the health of your loved ones, it’s good to have options.

Provide Your Employees With an Innovative Level-Funded Medical Plan

Over the years and despite the efforts of the insurance companies, employers continue to experience unsustainable health premium increases combined with little to no access to claims information. With this program, our goal is to put employer groups back in control and provide a solution that lends long term cost stabilization, preserves benefits, and brings transparency to employers and their advisor partners with actionable data to drive benefits strategy.

Taking Back Control

We understand the premium increases and lack of plan customization that medium sized employers face and while traditional self-funding may not be the desired funding arrangement for your business, we are excited to introduce a new solution, using economies of scale discounts, designed to provide the network coverage and ease of administration of a fully insured plan with the savings and unique solutions that self-funding delivers: Level Funding.

Control Costs and Save

  • Favorable pricing
  • Aggregate accommodation
  • Aggregate accommodation
  • Extended runout coverage
  • Virtual Visits 100% No Copay
  • 100% Unused claim funds are retained by employer
  • Full access to plan’s claims experience at all times
  • Lower administrative cost structure
  • Built-in Wellness Initiative
  • 100% labs 100% imaging thru preferred vendors
  • Specialty pharmacy initiative and more!

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