The 90 Degree Benefits Difference

At Covenant Administrators, LLC, a 90 Degree Benefits Company, we believe the right health plan does more than just provide benefits – it takes your business in the right direction.

As a Third Party Administrator, we believe in challenging the old ways of thinking. We develop a strategic partnership with brokers and clients that focuses on controlling costs by reducing claims exposure. Our primary focus is to provide Health Risk Management tools and solutions that will have a dramatic impact on both the corporate bottom line and the employee’s personal health bottom line by providing proven techniques to eliminate exposure to risk and reduce the cost impact of any known risk.

So whether you’re looking to transition from being fully insured or are interested in self-funding with a new plan administrator, 90 Degree Benefits has the experience, tools and unparalleled industry expertise to take your plan in the right direction. We deliver health plans built on uniquely crafted benefits, designed specifically for the needs of our clients all across the country. It’s time to experience a health plan that helps you along your road to success.

Together, we can make the right turn for your health plan.

Better Solutions for Better Health

Covenant has the expertise to take your clients in the right direction. We have successfully built programs that provide quality healthcare, while reducing the overall cost to provide such plans.

We have developed and engineered these successful programs on the following platforms:

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